03 December, 2006

I like hoodies, but....

I once made a sweater this shade of blue, with a hood. It looked much like, this actually, except I made to it actually fit--and to fit as a sweater, not as a dress. I remembered to stop when I got to the end, not just knit until I ran out of yarn. She looks like she has horribly flabby arms, and has a hoop skirt frame around her hips. No to mention the fact that sweater dresses make me shudder involuntarily.

02 December, 2006

Extra Credit

I have a friend who used to drive me crazy, because she needed to be assured that everything matched, down to her socks and watch. This getup, from our friends in Bulgaria, gets extra credit for having matching knitted boots to go with the bag and coat.

I think that's supposed to be a hat on her head, but the tie hanging down in the back makes it look like a high-class attempt at a do rag.

30 November, 2006

Me Tarzan

You Jane. Lost in the jungle as a child, and raised by stylish gorillas.


Another dress that made me go "hmmmm...." I think she got all fancied up for a blind date at the zoo. She tried to impress her potential sweetie with something fanciful and feminine. Then, deciding the lions looked *just like* her kitten at home, but bigger, jumped into the den, in an attempt to pet them and wiggle a string in front of their heads. They tore her dress apart instead. Her blind date yelled for help, then ran.

It's been....

Hi all! It's been quite a while, and I've missed sharing my appalling finds with all of you. The wedding was fantastic, and life is back to normal now. So on with the show......

When I began planning my wedding, I thought it might be nice to knit my own dress, or bodice or something. I settled on knitting a wedding shawl as my something blue. Seeing dresses like these made me rethink the whole knitted dress thing.

25 September, 2006

Fall time

The days are getting shorter and colder here in Vermont, and I'm starting to pull out sweaters and layers once again. Anything to keep me warm on these chilly mornings. Anything except these. They are called "Clydesdale" which is very fitting, seeing as how they make you look like a show horse.


You know how all booties look adorable on little babies? Someone thought the same principle would apply to adults. Yes, these are written for adult sizes only. Eep.

16 September, 2006

Halloween present!

I don't know that this is a knittrocity. I suppose it would be if you wore it regularly, and walked around town with a plastic lightsaber casually slung at your hip. And if you paused in front of doors, thinking your Jedi mind could open them. But for Halloween, it's terrific. There's a free pattern at http://bleuarts.blogspot.com


I think this is a promo photo from an 80s Tom Cruise movie.

11 September, 2006

Just wanted to say...

Have a nice day!

07 September, 2006

Temporary slow down

I'm gearing up for a wedding at the end of the month, so I don't have a lot of time for browsing photos and posting them to expose the knittrocities they are. If in the meantime you come across anything horrendous, please pass on the link, and I'll add the photo here for all to gawk at. After I'm merrily married, I'll be back to daily postings. Sorry for the spottiness until then.

Have I got a deal for you!

Do you fondly remember afternoons spent running home from school to watch Saved by the Bell? Do you remember fawning over Zach or Slater? No one fawned over Screech, the poor thing. Which is just as well because now he's out there trying to sell his image on t-shirts to pay off the mortgage on his house. No one likes a pushy has-been.

But that's beside the point. If you loved the show. If you were entranced by very special episodes, such as Jessie's addiction to speed. If you always wanted to hang out at the burger joint, and loved the decor there so much you wished you could wear it like a billboard of devotion, here's your chance! The sweater on the left was created just for you. The sweater on the right, just a bonus. Free to anyone in the Boston area, via Craigslist.